(Greek: μέτα = “about”, “beyond”) literally "a game outside the game"

What is the MetaGame? ===

  • MetaGame is a Massive Online Coordination Game. A modular plug & play system for humans and organizations to coordinate in creation and exchange of value with least friction possible.
  • A fusion of social media and free-lancing platforms with game-like elements inspired by role playing games such as World of Warcraft.
  • Most of all, MetaGame is an idea we can build a new world on top of the old one.
    • A flatter, more transparent & honorable world.

NOTE: Edit

Every element of MetaGame is an ever-evolving community effort.

Absolutely NOTHING on this wiki is final. If you have better ideas on how the MetaGame should be structured and work, or just want to help us build it;

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Changelog Edit

Some of the problems: Edit

  • People joining the space don't know where to go and how to start contributing.
  • Random dev agencies and people trying to make a name for themselves often build things nobody needs.
  • We are spawning all these building blocks and tools with barely any coordination between the projects.

Some other things The MetaGame should be: Edit

Critical Modules: Edit

  • MetaManifesto
  • Modular Profiles
  • Achievements
  • Problems & Services boards
  • Profiles - Modular, portfolio-like
    • Problems and services
    • Achievements
    • Values & valuables for alignment signaling
    • Timeline etc.
  • Guilds - Collectives of players with a more specific long term goal, they can be:
    • An already existing development or media agency
    • A consultancy or an investment fund
    • A MetaGame newborn DAO

Other Modules: Edit

  • A Social Media Management Dashboard

Value proposition Edit

To Creepers: Edit

  • Bounties
  • Experience
  • Community
  • Respect

To Projects Edit

  • Grants
  • Feedback
  • Network

To Whales Edit

  • Access to good deals
  • Bags moon because funding adoption
  • Get to be a hero

To everyone Edit

  • Good feels and meaning for taking part in building a better future by funding and working on good projects.

Milestones Edit

  1. Phase 0
  2.  ?
  3.  ?
  4.  ?
  5. First Permanent Outpost
  6. Anyone can live Meta and prosper
  7. Mars Base

Phases Edit

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